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IT Strategy Consulting

Epicsoft Technologies keeps you at the forefront of innovation. Our expert IT consultants don’t just recommend, they guide you in selecting and implementing the most cutting-edge software solutions, perfectly tailored to your industry and business goals. We empower you to harness the latest advancements, crafting future-proofed solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Partner with Epicsoft and gain a digital advantage that propels you forward.

Blockchain technology

Epicsoft Technologies also offers expertise in navigating the revolutionary world of Blockchain technology. Our IT consulting services extend to guiding you through every stage of Blockchain implementation, from method selection to deployment and process optimization. We help you understand how Blockchain can benefit your specific industry and business needs, and then work with you to choose the most suitable method (public, private, consortium, etc.). We’ll be by your side throughout the deployment process, ensuring seamless integration and efficient process workflows. Let Epicsoft be your partner in unlocking the transformative potential of Blockchain technology.

Augmented Reality

Epicsoft Technologies is your one-stop shop for leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR). Our IT consulting goes beyond just technology; we help you explore how AR can revolutionize your customer experience, product development, or internal operations. We’ll guide you through the entire AR journey, from identifying the most impactful AR methods (marker-based, markerless, etc.) to integrating AR seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to create interactive training simulations, enhance product visualization, or streamline maintenance processes, Epicsoft empowers you to unlock the full potential of AR.

Artificial Intelligence

Epicsoft Technologies dives deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower your business. Our IT consulting services don’t just suggest AI solutions; we become your partner in implementing them strategically. We’ll help you identify areas where AI can significantly improve efficiency, automate tasks, or generate valuable insights. From selecting the most suitable AI techniques (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) to integrating them seamlessly with your existing systems, Epicsoft guides you through every step. We ensure your AI implementation is not just cutting-edge, but also optimized for your specific goals, maximizing the return on your investment. Let Epicsoft be your trusted advisor on the path to unlocking the transformative power of AI.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Epicsoft Technologies bridges the physical and digital worlds with our Internet of Things (IoT) expertise. Our IT consulting goes beyond just connecting devices; we help you design and implement an IoT strategy that unlocks the true potential of your data. We’ll guide you through every stage, from selecting the most appropriate sensors and platforms to optimizing data collection and analysis. Whether you’re looking to improve operational efficiency, gain real-time insights, or develop innovative new products, Epicsoft empowers you to harness the power of IoT and transform your business.

Cloud Computing

Epicsoft Technologies takes the guesswork out of cloud computing with our expert consulting services. We act as your cloud architects, guiding you through every stage of your journey. First, we’ll gain a deep understanding of your specific business needs and goals. Then, we’ll help you choose the most fitting cloud platform (public, private, or hybrid) to optimize performance, security, and cost-efficiency. Our team doesn’t just recommend solutions, they orchestrate a seamless migration process, minimizing disruption and maximizing the cloud’s benefits for your business. With Epicsoft as your partner, you can leverage the scalability, agility, and cost savings of cloud computing, propelling your organization towards a future-proof digital infrastructure.


Epicsoft Technologies bridges the gap with our expert FinTech consulting services. We become your trusted partner in navigating the exciting world of financial technology. Our approach goes beyond just recommendations. We’ll work with you to identify the most impactful FinTech solutions that streamline your processes, enhance security, and optimize your financial operations. Whether you’re looking to integrate blockchain for secure transactions, leverage AI for intelligent fraud detection, or explore mobile payment solutions, Epicsoft guides you through every step, from strategy development to seamless implementation. Let Epicsoft empower you to unlock the transformative potential of FinTech and propel your financial institution towards a future-proof competitive edge.

What You Get from Cloud Computing Consulting

Leverage cutting-edge technologies in your tech stack to address customer challenges effectively. Elevate your business with bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs and propel it to new heights.
Cloud adoption strategy to plan, prioritize, and schedule the migration of IT infrastructure, as well as the development of cloud-native applications and cloud data warehouses.
Feasibility assessment of your cloud initiatives, including total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) estimation. Ensure your cloud strategy is financially viable.
Consultations for the C-suite to clarify the benefits and challenges of cloud migration or cloud-native development, identify the necessary skills and training for project success.
Design and develop cloud applications and data warehouses, encompassing IT infrastructure design, including network architecture, storage solutions, and server configurations.
Migrate legacy infrastructure to the cloud using various strategies such as rehosting, which involves moving existing applications to the cloud without major changes & replatforming.
Facilitate knowledge transfer sessions to empower IT support teams with the necessary skills and insights to effectively manage and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure and applications.
Perform thorough configuration and code reviews for both cloud and hybrid infrastructure setups, ensuring optimal performance, security, and compliance with best practices.
Perform thorough configuration and code reviews for both cloud and hybrid infrastructure setups, ensuring optimal performance, security, and compliance with best practices.

How You Benefit from IT Consulting Services by Epicsoft

Epicsoft Technologies unlocks a world of digital transformation possibilities through our IT consulting services. Our team of IT veterans acts as your expert guide, navigating complex decisions and ensuring you leverage the most impactful technologies for your unique business needs. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, we craft customized strategies tailored to your vision.
Optimized Maintenance
We design auto-scaling resource patterns & select tailored solutions.
Enhanced Security
We ensure data security with encryption, access control, policies, & training.
We customize migration plans for each component, cutting down on costs.
Crafting fault-tolerant IT architectures, ensuring reliability and quick recovery.
Guaranteed Quality
Epicsoft ensures top-quality IT consulting services with skilled professionals.
Guaranteed Quality
Epicsoft ensures top-quality IT consulting services with skilled professionals.

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