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Building Data Analytics Solutions for Different Domains

Epicsoft helps businesses from 30+ industries integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their most ambitious needs at department and enterprise levels.

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Why Trust Epicsoft for Data & Analytics Consulting Services?

We’ve helped companies across industries to create modern data ecosystems that drive innovation and improve efficiency for 10+ years. As your partner for progress, we offer scalable, cost-effective solutions to help you succeed. With 100+ consultants and engineers, 10+ clients, and 50+ completed projects in data and analytics, you can trust us to build a new data-driven business model that will unlock your organization’s full potential.

Industry-Specific Data & Analytics Consulting Experience

Epicsoft brings extensive industry-specific expertise to our data and analytics consulting services. With a deep understanding of your sector’s unique challenges and opportunities, we deliver tailored solutions that drive actionable insights, optimize operations, and foster innovation. Benefit from our proven track record in leveraging data to propel businesses forward in your industry.
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Build Future-Native Solutions with Our Data & Analytics Consulting Services

To gain a competitive advantage on the market, you need to effectively collect and process relevant data. Epicsoft is your trusted partner in building data-driven business models that support rapid innovation and unparalleled flexibility. We design accessible data and analytics solutions that help you improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Epicsoft's Solutions From Automation to Advanced Data Analytics

Data Integration & Warehousing

We excel in ETL/ELT design and implementation for efficient data management. Our expertise includes data governance for secure, high-quality, and available data. Additionally, we design and implement data warehouses and marts, enabling insightful analytics for informed decision-making

Big data

We offer comprehensive big data solutions, from infrastructure setup to ongoing support. Our expertise lies in managing data quality, security, and analysis, ensuring accuracy and protection. With our capabilities in capturing, analyzing, and reporting on big data. We deliver actionable insights.

Data science

We specialize in data preparation and management, ML model development including deep learning, tailored AI solutions for business needs, and image analysis software development, ensuring your data is ready for insights and empowering intelligent automation and visual data interpretation.

Business intelligence

We specialize in custom business intelligence and data analytics infrastructure, ensuring seamless data management and analysis. Our services cover ad hoc and scheduled analytics querying and reporting, delivering timely insights for informed decisions. Additionally, we provide a natural language user interface.

Artificial intelligence

We excel in data gathering and cleansing for training ML models, ensuring high-quality inputs for accurate insights. Our expertise extends to ML modeling with advanced algorithms, extracting meaningful patterns. Additionally, we develop software modules integrating ML outputs for enhanced functionality and decision-making.

Data visualization

We provide interactive dashboard solutions integrating custom and pre-built visuals for a comprehensive data view. Our expertise covers various visualization techniques like symbol maps, line charts, bar charts, and pie charts, ensuring clear insights. With our services, track key metrics and make confidentdecisions.

Problems We Help You Solve with Data & Analytics Consulting Services

Epicsoft’s Data & Analytics Consulting services empower businesses to harness the full potential of their data. We specialize in crafting tailored solutions that optimize operations, enhance insights, and empower informed decision-making.

Lost Business Opportunities

Difficulty in finding the right data and a lack of data reuse across business functions result in lost opportunities. We help democratize data usage through self-service and diverse analytics tools, facilitating smooth collaboration, swift experimentation, and faster decision-making.

Disruptive Process Fragmentation

Blurred data ownership, poor data quality, and disparate platforms result in fragmented processes that disrupt the business. We enable distributed domain data ownership, create a value-driven data governance framework, and enhance data integration to increase data quality and accuracy.

Lack of Alignment Between Data and IT Team

Gaps in business domain expertise and the complexity of legacy systems result in a lack of alignment between your tech teams. We build modern data and AI products at scale through a data-as-a-product / data-as-a-service approach to enable innovative toolsets for a diverse set of business stakeholders.

How You Benefit from Epicsoft as Your Analytics Partner

Epicsoft is your strategic analytics partner, offering efficient data management, customized insights, and cost optimization. Collaborate with us for targeted solutions that drive growth and success.
We set up automated data management and governance processes.
Efficient Reports
Highlight key insights effortlessly with our visual techniques.
Save costs with our automated data management.
Reliable Insights
Our robust ETL processes will guarantee your data is always accurate.
Value-Focused Analytics
Our goal is to help you fully utilize the potential of your analytics solution.
Value-Focused Analytics
Our goal is to help you fully utilize the potential of your analytics solution.

The journey to enterprise analytics

Our aim is to help organizations move toward high-value enterprise analytics, no matter where they are in their journey.

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