Our Process

At Epicsoft we realize that web application design and development consist of numerous processes from requirement gathering, application development and support. We make sure that we follow our processes to deliver user-friendly and bug-free products to the customers on the dot.

Concept Building

Our voyage starts with discussing the fine points of client’s idea and analyzing the requirements of the project. During the concept building process we listen to your ideas and requirements and share our thoughts about the product to develop a product that meets your needs. Based on your feedback, our team comes up with the project objectives and goals

UI/UX Development

During this phase of project our UX design team develops wireframes and mock screens for a user friendly experience while navigating through the application. User interface design team uses the wireframes and mock screens to develop front end of the application by selecting the suitable color schemes, fonts, styles and logos.

Architecture and Design

After finalizing the concepts and objectives of the project we start designing the blueprint of the system. Our software architects define a structured solution that accomplishes the technical and operational requirements. They also design the performance and security frameworks to optimize quality.

Development and Coding

At this point software engineers review the technical specifications and project plans and start writing the source code as per the coding style guidelines provided by their team leads and project managers.

QA and Testing

Epicsoft pays special attention to this phase in order to deliver quality software to the end users. Our quality assurance team develops QA, UAT and staging environments to perform functional, regression, stress and load testing. The team performs manual and automated testing using state of art tools and techniques.


At successful completion of these complex factors, system deployment and implementation takes place on production environment.

Support and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive support to our clients; our team is available 24/7 to handle all client issues and questions.